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DONGFENG HONDA High-speed five-seater new energy SUV

Product Specifications

Top Speed (KM/H) 140
Electricity consumption per 100 kilometers (kWh/100km) 13.7
Total motor power (kw) 120
Total motor torque [Nm] 280
Length*width*height (mm) 4324*1785*1637
Tire size 215/55R18

Product Details

M-nv adopts the integrated streamline dynamic design, integrating the "double wings" shape after evolution, showing the dynamic and powerful readiness posture. The large closed front face design, the front cover more wedge, so that the vehicle has a better flow linear, but also highlights its electric car identity. Fully enclosed intake grille shows its unique identity, both inheritance and innovation; 18 inch hub with LED flow turn lights with position lights, day lights formed a horizontal integration of the horizontal light belt, is indeed the future full of gas field.

Behind the power data, hidden "warm male Honda" good intentions, is its "three electric system" security. Dongfeng Honda as a traditional car enterprise, with other new forces incomparable advantage: safety. In the battery, motor, electric control system, Honda let the feelings no longer high, add "safety" as seasoning, to bring more peace of mind to people's driving experience. The battery PACK is 1P96S. The cell is CATL177Ah. The battery energy density is 170Wh/Kg. The synchronization also optimized the battery module design, to meet the structural reliability, to achieve the role of safety protection when out of control. This means that, in addition to being faster and more economical, dongfeng Honda M-NV has another important advantage: greater safety.

Product Details

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