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Buick Velite 6 is an intelligent pure electric car

Product Information

The Buick Velite 6 pure Electric version is a highly accurate version of the VELITE concept car, with a unique crossover body design that balances efficiency, space, utility and aesthetics. The front part of the flying wing grille is not fully enclosed design, still through the middle of a chrome trim, looking "Buick". The side shape of the body is slightly complex, and the multi-fold design makes the visual effect of the vehicle more prominent. With a floating roof, it makes the whole car look younger. In addition, in terms of color matching, this car has added four colors of pine, Snow White, meteorite grey and aurora silver, providing consumers with more diversified choices. The rear end is also very designable, with lots of lines to make the car look layered. At the same time, the black below the outline of the curve and before the surrounding echo, the overall model is clever and do not break the personality.
The central console adopts the traditional circular design, and the horizontal flat shape further stretches the visual space effect. The vehicle provides a total of black blue, gray blue, black rice and black gray these four double matching colors, in the rich choice of consumers, but also enhance the vitality of the entire cockpit space. The floating center control screen is independent of the top of the center console and has a good eye level Angle with the driver. This design is not only convenient to operate, but also creates a safer driving environment for the driver. The 8-inch LCD display screen with the whole system is exquisite, and the interface design is not pompous. The overall practicality is very good. In addition, the car also retains some physical buttons, providing great convenience for the blind operation of the driver.

And as a pure trolley, Buick micro Velite 6 pure electric version also has quite in place intelligent experience. As for the vehicle-machine system, eConnect intelligent interconnection system is installed on this car. On the basis of the original functions, the new IFLYTEK voice system is upgraded to make the human-vehicle interaction more natural. In addition, the car can be booked through the car system, the slow charge can be customized current, set a target charge and start time, etc., after all, trough electricity prices are pretty attractive.
The buick Velite 6 pure electric version is equipped with a single motor in front with a maximum power of 130kW and peak torque of 265N·m, providing a 518km range. Although this performance is not very good in a pure tram, it is very "realistic" and will not be exaggerated or exaggerated like other models. At the same time, the new Velite 6 pure electric model also adopts Buick EMotion electric drive technology. It only takes 3.1 seconds to accelerate 0-50km/h and consumes 12.6kW·h for 100km, which gives both light and pleasant driving experience and economical and efficient energy consumption.

Product Specifications

Motor maximum power 130Kw
Motor maximum torque 265N·m
Power consumption per 100 kilometers 12.6kW·h
CLTC pure electric driving range 518Km
0-50km/h acceleration performance 3.1S
Length*width*height (mm) 4673*1817*1514
Tire size 215/55 R17

Product description

1.OPD single pedal mode
Thanks to the single pedal control, one foot can be stepped on and lifted to achieve acceleration, deceleration, and parking, reducing the frequency of brake use and improving the efficiency of energy recovery. The feeling of calling, it should be so simple and direct.
2.3 driving modes × 3 gears braking energy recovery
Users can adjust pedal sensitivity and brake recovery strength according to road conditions and their own driving habits to meet individual driving needs.
3.The ultimate quiet driving experience
Multi-stage vibration reduction and noise reduction technology effectively blocks motor whistle, and cooperates with QuietTuning™ Buick technology to create a quiet cabin atmosphere and high-quality voice environment.
4.Scheduled charging mode
The car terminal provides the "reservation charging" mode, which can customize the current size during slow charging, set the target power and start time, etc., easily use the valley electricity price, and enjoy a more economical and flexible electric vehicle experience.
5. Body layout with innovative proportions
It has the agile styling and comfortable experience of a sedan, but also provides a larger seating and storage space like an MPV.
6.17-inch low-drag wheels with aerodynamic inserts
The new wheel hub has a combination of rigidity and softness. The simple plane and the twisted surface allow the light and shadow to change from different angles, creating a forward-looking aesthetic look and feel.
7. One-piece panoramic canopy
The extra-large translucent glass extends from the rear of the car to the front windshield, providing an excellent sense of visual space and making the car a mobile sun room.
8. Spacious and transparent riding space
The 2660mm ultra-long wheelbase combined with the efficient layout, the large-curved roof design, and the widened body and wheelbase ensure a generous riding space, and also let the head and shoulder space say goodbye to the cramped.
9. Ample trunk volume
The 455L-1098L flat space can easily accommodate up to 13 20-inch suitcases, meeting all the luggage needs for daily commuting to short-distance travel.
10. Meet the highest functional safety level ASIL-D
A number of electrical safety troubleshooting and mitigation measures: battery temperature monitoring around the clock, equipped with dual alarm systems for the entire vehicle and cloud, and multiple double insurance design structures for the high-voltage system, making the process of electricity use safer.
11. Battery safety protection far exceeding the national standard
The battery adopts aerospace-grade nano-insulation material to control the temperature of the battery cell, and triple physical protection is added to the outside. It has undergone 13 extreme safety tests such as puncture, collision, immersion, fire, overcharge, and overdischarge to ensure the safety and stability of the battery pack. Equipped with a new intelligent water circulation temperature management system, the temperature of the cells is maintained in a suitable range, and the power output is more efficient.
12. FCA forward collision warning + CMB collision mitigation system
When the vehicle speed is greater than 10km/h, the system will comprehensively assess the risk of collision to the forward vehicle, issue an audible and visual alarm, and automatically brake when necessary to avoid or mitigate injury.
13. Mobile phone bluetooth key
Through OnStar/iBuick APP one-click authorization, you can share the vehicle start permission to your mobile phone, and you don't need to bring the car key when you go out, realizing flexible remote sharing.
14. Intelligent cloud speech recognition
Speak a custom wake-up word to activate the system, use spoken commands to complete human-computer interaction, and interrupt unwanted voice feedback at any time, especially chatting, making interactions more worry-free.
15. OTA remote upgrade
OnStar modules and car entertainment systems can be updated and installed online, which is as convenient as a mobile phone system upgrade, saving you the trouble of making a special trip to the 4S store.
16. Lifetime free traffic of car-connected applications + car 4G hotspot
100G "OnStar 4G Connected Vehicles Application Free Traffic" service every year, your car is always online. The 100Mbit/s high-speed in-vehicle 4G hotspot is compatible with up to 5 devices, allowing all occupants to enjoy the fun of being connected.
17. AutoNavi real-time navigation system
Cloud technology updates road conditions in real time and adjusts routes in time to effectively avoid congestion. Interconnect with the mobile phone AutoNavi APP, send and upload destinations, and efficiently solve the blind spot of travel in the last mile.

Product Details

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